From the historic to the educational, to the scientific and just plain adventurous, this coloring book has it all!

Explore Mecklenburg through Color is a sixty-two page coloring book featuring a variety of fun, wallet-friendly things to do within the borders of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

Explore Mecklenburg through Color includes:

• 30+ unique illustrations ranging from the more simple “kid-friendly” designs to complex challenges for the skilled creative.

• Informative descriptions of each location or activity designed to help spark the mind and inspire conversation when coloring with others.

• Exclusive “Did you know?” sections that highlight even more interesting facts and tidbits about each place (some of which even you may find surprising!).

• And a resource appendix that includes contact information for each feature or place so you can easily plan your next visit.


Who is it for?

Because Explore Mecklenburg through Color is more than just a typical coloring book, it is appropriate for a wide range of readers including:

• Families with both young children and teens

• Couples looking for great ideas for spending time together

• Groups and organizations who want to enhance their activities

• Educators seeking to add to their curriculum or for field trip ideas

• Tourists, out-of-town clients, and guests (and even your own relations)

• Recent relocators who want to know "what's to do" in the area

Explore Mecklenburg through Color is even great for locals looking for things that are “free to do” in the area — or at least those that offer a lower cost of participation — because isn’t it important that everyone get to enjoy more of what this wonderful county has to offer?!


What are the options?

Explore Mecklenburg through Color is available in two different formats:


Coil Bound


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